Pro Tips on Cleaning & Maintaining a Yacht

Yachts are an extremely expensive investment – the initial price can set you back by thousands to millions of dollars. And that does not yet include the maintenance costs and membership fees at marina yacht clubs! Given the astounding costs, it is not a surprise if yacht owners would want to take extra good care of their boats to prolong its life and ensure it is always in excellent condition.

Clean it regularly – Make sure your boat is squeaky clean to prevent build-up of dirt and grime. If you sail in saltwater, you need to have your vessel washed with fresh water to remove salt deposits on the exterior and interior parts of your boat. Use cleaning solutions that will not damage the boat’s paint or exterior finish.

Coat its exterior – Apply a protective layer of gelcoat on the boat, particularly if it is made of fiberglass. Gelcoats protect the boat’s surface from harmful UV rays, salt, and other environmental elements that can eventually damage the boat. Boost the gelcoat’s protective ability by sealing it with a wax or polish.

Change its oil – As with a land-based vehicle, changing the oil of your boat can enhance its performance and prevent any mechanical issues later on. Oil change is crucial as the old oil in the boat’s engine becomes polluted with dirt and dust over time. As a result, the oil becomes ineffective in lubricating the engine’s parts and mechanisms, which may cause the boat to break down. How often you should change the oil depends on the type of boat you have, but the general rule is to do it every 100 hours of operation, or at least once a year.

Inspect its parts and components – Conduct regular inspection and maintenance of the boat’s parts and components, especially the propeller. Examining its parts allows you to identify potential problems and address them before they cause trouble. Give extra attention to the propeller and make it part of your pre-launch routine. Remove the propeller and thoroughly examine it. If you see any sign of damage, have it repaired immediately.

If the costs and routine maintenance of having your own yacht are too much of a burden for you, there are yacht charter companies in dubai that can let you experience the beauty and excitement of sailing – but without these hefty expenditures!

Hiring a yacht is not only for sailing as well. Many people hire a yacht to celebrate their engagement, or to enjoy a holiday with family and friends. Regardless of the occasion or reason, it is undoubtedly a memorable experience to feel the sea breeze on your face, and enjoy the pristine blue waters of the ocean.