Growing Your Start-up Business in Dubai

Dubai is a premier international business hub that offers numerous incentives for entrepreneurs and investors. If you are an aspiring business person or a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to break into the local Dubai market, this City of Gold holds plenty of opportunities for you. Here are some tips on how you can make it and not break it in Dubai:

  • Invest in marketing and advertising – In any business landscape, marketing and advertising is important. More so in Dubai where about 8,000 new companies have opened in 2016 alone. However, you need to wisely choose your method of marketing and promoting your products and services. If you are just starting, investing in social media and online advertisements can yield significant benefits for your business without the exponential costs that come with traditional advertising.
  • Provide excellent customer service – It may seem cliché but good customer service makes a difference. If your clients or customers like the kind of customer support you provide, in addition to your products and services, they will surely recommend your business to their family, friends, and other connections. This surely bodes well for you and the future of your business.
  • Opt for affordable and cost-effective business solutions – If you are just starting your business, you do not immediately have to make a huge investment and commitment to a corporate office space in a prestigious location. Instead, you can first try co-working spaces in Dubai while you are testing the market and building your network and client portfolio. If you need somewhere to meet your clients or interview job candidates, you can opt to rent a meeting room. With these options, you have better control on your overhead expenditures, and you only need to pay for temporary solutions as you need them. Shared office spaces also allow you to expand your network, as you will be working with similar professionals and entrepreneurs just like you.
  • Get involved in business fairs – Aside from contacts you have met through your co-working space and the clients who have booked your products and services, you need to expand your net to a larger number of companies and businesses. Participating in a business fair is one way to do this. Not all business fairs require an expensive participation fee. Find those that offer attractive fees and arrangements for start-up business like yours. Once you have joined, you can set up your booth in the banquet halls in Dubai and turn the spotlight on your business.