Importance of education


It has been accepted worldwide that we owe our very existence to the miracles of education. It has, therefore, been incumbent upon every government of every country to make this field progress for the sake of developing and securing the future of its land.


Throughout the globe, education is imparted in specially constructed institutions, which we call schools, colleges and universities where individuals take student essentials to study. The people of the past learned from their experiences and became mentors, and this training and mentorship passed through generations and has fallen on us and people around us today. A country’s future is measured by the number and quality of educational institutions that have been set up there. The importance of having the latest updates and highest quality of education is shown by the fact that the UNO conducts surveys of all institutions and releases a feedback report almost annually. Also, if a higher university endorses a number of schools or colleges, that particular university also conducts surveys to determine whether the education being delivered is up to the mark or not. If it is not, the privilege of endorsement is lifted.


Now, however, education is not limited only to institutions, although the better form still exists there under the watchful eye of teachers. With the advent of the internet, a number of search engines have been created that hoard millions of information, more than any book can hold. Type a single word, and you will get such a huge mountain of information that you will not know where to begin and where to stop. This facility of the internet is particularly important in the education of younger generations. All updates about their chosen field of profession are now highly accessible, and competition has become more severe than any of our forefathers could have imagined. Also, the facility of e-books has made it possible to carry around information of the size of a hundred books and an entire what to take to university checklist in one slim cell phone or laptop.


Education not only teaches us the facts and concepts of this universe, but also teaches us, as a part of collateral advantages, a lot to groom ourselves. When a child steps out of his or her home for the first time, he or she has to deal with the world and interact with people. He/she learns how to face and cope with bullying attitudes and failures, and how to remain humble in times of success. He/she learns a lot of dos and don’ts. Education is, therefore, an essential part of the world today. Anyone who does not agree and denies this is kidding himself. Man has become absolutely dependent on education for his survival, and as we will see in the future, the power will be of those who have the knowledge of how to use it.