3 things you cannot expect a nanny to do for you

Professional nannies have long been working hard to ensure that parents feel relaxed about the needs and requirements of their children when going to their jobs. Their services are focused on providing parents with extensive support in the most important aspect of their lives: taking care of their children. But with the passage of time, people have started considering them as more of a domestic help and expect them to do things that in no way fall under their job description. Once hired, people start expecting them to do work other than looking after the children.

Instead of embarrassing yourself by asking her to do things that are the job of a domestic help, go through the list of tasks mentioned below that you cannot expect your nanny in Dubai to help you out with:

Extra household chores

You hired a nanny, not Mrs. Doubtfire who will be willing to help you out with everything. There is no way that the nanny you have hired for your children should be expected to help you out with extra household chores. She will not be responsible for cleaning up your home, neither would she cook for the parents of the children she has been hired to look after. Her only job is to make sure that the needs of your children are fulfilled and that they are safe.

Looking after other family members

If you have other family members with special needs that have to be fulfilled, then make sure that you hire extra help for them. The nanny hired for your children will not look after them. For instance, if you have an elderly family member with medical needs, it is best for you to hire a home nurse in Dubai for them as the nanny will not be responsible for their care.

Unpaid overtime

Modern life is extremely demanding and at times requires for us to work extra hours to make ends meet. While nannies will understand that you will come home late from work, there is no way she should be expected to stay the extra hours without being paid for it. If she is required to put in extra hours other than the ones that she has been contracted for, then it is necessary for you to ensure that she gets paid for it. This particularly holds true for the extra hours that she puts in on short notice.